Difference between RN and LPN

Many people think all nurses are the same when actually there are different types of nurses in the medical field. The top two nurses however are registered nurses or RNs and licensed practitioner nurses or LPNs. Although the two sound similar they have very different responsibilities and procedures to follow at the workplace, as explained in LPN vs RN published by Go LPN Online.

Registered Nurse

To begin, the education required to be a registered nurse is much more extensive than that of a LPN’s. There are three paths to becoming a nurse. Nurses must obtain a bachelor’s of science in nursing degree, an associate degree in nursing or receive a diploma from an accredited nursing program. Registered nurses must also as well pass the nursing exam. The National Council Licensure Exam for RN is the name of the exam required for all hopefuls to pass before officially being considered registered nurses. With the additional education required to be a registered nurse comes an additional increase in salary. The median salary for registered nurse is about $20,000 than their LPN counterparts. The main similarity of both nurses is that both are expected to have growth job of around 16% for the following year. Nurses are required to know more as well as supervise LPN, home care aides and other nurse aids. Nurses must administer medications, analyze charts and test results, give advice or increasing overall health, coordinate plans for patient car etc.

Licensed Practical Nurse

The education for a LPN is considerably lower than registered nurses as the courses needed only take around a year to complete. An accredited practical nursing program is required to be completed by every future LPN. LPN requirement is to tend to the patient and keep their comfort at optimal state. This means helping patients dress, use the bathroom, eat, note pain and medications taken etc.


Some of the best snacks for a long nightshift

In nursing, it can sometimes be tough to keep your energy levels up. Some top quality snacks on hand could be all that you need as a pick me up to stay healthy and to keep your energy levels high. Here are some of the best snacks that you can include for a long night shift.

Fruit salad: quality fruit salad is one of the best ways that you can get rid of some of your cravings for sugar while still enjoying amazing energy levels. If you are craving chocolate or something unhealthy you should strongly consider putting together some fruit salads you can take to work for enjoyment instead.

Tuna salad: tuna salad can be a great snack that you can pack along in a dish. With just a bit of tuna and some of your favorite vegetables you can add some extra kick like red onions, celery, lemon juice or yogurt to create some new and healthy flavors. This is also a fairly easy meal that you can prepare in the break room and eat quickly.

Trail mix: going to a local bulk store or purchasing plenty of trail mix could be a great way that you can help out your coworkers and keep your energy levels high. You can prepare this mix and eat just about anything at any time to enjoy some quality carbs on the go. These nutrients are generally quite healthy with good fats and high energy snacks. They can really fill you up too if you have to go for a long period without the ability to sit down for a substantial meal.

Coconut water: adding coconut water to your snacks can be an amazing way that you can hydrate yourself while adding extra potassium into your diet. Coconut water is a healthy choice that many nurses choose over soda or sugary juices.

Consider some of these awesome snacks that you can keep in the break room or even pack along in a lunch enjoy them for a long shift! Also be sure to utilize the nursing resources and community available to you online.


How to Impress in your Nursing Interview

Nursing can be an incredibly competitive field. With the recent surge in new entrants to the field, the number of jobs available is now shrinking fast, especially in specialized areas. Thus it is important that you make the most out of the opportunities presented to you. Depending on the quality of nurses training you received, whether it be via free cna classes to several years at an accredited university to become a registered nurse, your education matters. Even if you opted to take Certified Nursing Assistant classes online the training you have received should stand you apart from your competition when applying for a nursing job. Here are some ways that you can improve your nursing interviews, highlight your nursing education, and stand out from the crowd of other applicants.

Networking: even if you are currently unemployed you should continue expanding your network. Doing what you can to seek out new health care professionals who are working in different institutions in specialties can help you to learn about new opportunities. Knowing just one person could be a enough to get you into an interview or potentially impress a person that is interviewing you.

Stay focused: Applying to jobs which are in a very deep selection of nursing programs isn’t always for the best if you are thinking of your career. Understand what you are looking for in nursing and consider the type of workplace culture, schedule and a specialty that you would like to work in. If you would really rather not work in a small clinic and you envision yourself working at a hospital, you need to focus in on your goals and never compromise.

Focus on your resume: your resume needs to really sell the type of person that you are and it manages that hiring you could bring to any medical facility. Show the impact that you’ve made in the past, show the interviewee that you were a leader in the healthcare industry and structure your resume with the most relevant information first so that the attention of the interviewer can be captured immediately.

Keep some of these great tips in mind when you are trying to impress during your next nursing interview.

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