Month: February 2016

Some of the best snacks for a long nightshift

In nursing, it can sometimes be tough to keep your energy levels up. Some top quality snacks on hand could be all that you need as a pick me up to stay healthy and to keep your energy levels high. Here are some of the best snacks that you can include for a long night shift.

Fruit salad: quality fruit salad is one of the best ways that you can get rid of some of your cravings for sugar while still enjoying amazing energy levels. If you are craving chocolate or something unhealthy you should strongly consider putting together some fruit salads you can take to work for enjoyment instead.

Tuna salad: tuna salad can be a great snack that you can pack along in a dish. With just a bit of tuna and some of your favorite vegetables you can add some extra kick like red onions, celery, lemon juice or yogurt to create some new and healthy flavors. This is also a fairly easy meal that you can prepare in the break room and eat quickly.

Trail mix: going to a local bulk store or purchasing plenty of trail mix could be a great way that you can help out your coworkers and keep your energy levels high. You can prepare this mix and eat just about anything at any time to enjoy some quality carbs on the go. These nutrients are generally quite healthy with good fats and high energy snacks. They can really fill you up too if you have to go for a long period without the ability to sit down for a substantial meal.

Coconut water: adding coconut water to your snacks can be an amazing way that you can hydrate yourself while adding extra potassium into your diet. Coconut water is a healthy choice that many nurses choose over soda or sugary juices.

Consider some of these awesome snacks that you can keep in the break room or even pack along in a lunch enjoy them for a long shift! Also be sure to utilize the nursing resources and community available to you online.