Month: February 2017

Difference between RN and LPN

Many people think all nurses are the same when actually there are different types of nurses in the medical field. The top two nurses however are registered nurses or RNs and licensed practitioner nurses or LPNs. Although the two sound similar they have very different responsibilities and procedures to follow at the workplace, as explained in LPN vs RN published by Go LPN Online.

Registered Nurse

To begin, the education required to be a registered nurse is much more extensive than that of a LPN’s. There are three paths to becoming a nurse. Nurses must obtain a bachelor’s of science in nursing degree, an associate degree in nursing or receive a diploma from an accredited nursing program. Registered nurses must also as well pass the nursing exam. The National Council Licensure Exam for RN is the name of the exam required for all hopefuls to pass before officially being considered registered nurses. With the additional education required to be a registered nurse comes an additional increase in salary. The median salary for registered nurse is about $20,000 than their LPN counterparts. The main similarity of both nurses is that both are expected to have growth job of around 16% for the following year. Nurses are required to know more as well as supervise LPN, home care aides and other nurse aids. Nurses must administer medications, analyze charts and test results, give advice or increasing overall health, coordinate plans for patient car etc.

Licensed Practical Nurse

The education for a LPN is considerably lower than registered nurses as the courses needed only take around a year to complete. An accredited practical nursing program is required to be completed by every future LPN. LPN requirement is to tend to the patient and keep their comfort at optimal state. This means helping patients dress, use the bathroom, eat, note pain and medications taken etc.